Friday, May 24, 2013

Irish Publicity Trip for Land of Dreams

This madness happens to me every May and every May I forget. Basically I write a book a year which means I publish one book a year. As one book is being delivered, another one is launching – which is insane. So, just as I am reaching what I call a state of Red Alert around a book I am trying, and failing to finish to a looming deadline –  flailing around in a state of shrill hysteria wearing unwashed pyjamas roaring at my husband ‘I’ll never get it finished! Empty the dishwasher? Me? I’m a NOVELIST! I have a BOOK to finish!’ I have a lovely posh publicist from my publishing house ringing to ask; ‘Can you make it up to Dublin for an interview at 10am tomorrow morning?’
This means brushing of teeth and applying of make-up, and wearing of swanky outfits, and all sorts of things are that are a complete anathema to my currently hermit-like working life - although I have to say I had a brilliant time with my new lovely publicist Grainne Kileen giving me great 'Auhtor Care' - a phrase I first heard coined by the lovely Patricia Scanlon - it basically means putting me in and out of taxis and buying me lunch and checking that I have enough milk in my coffee and making me feel very posh and important. I did TV3's Midday - and Elaine Crowley and the other female guests were lovely to me AND they invited me back which I probably will do, then of to Dublin City FM to chat with the lovely Victoria Mary Clarke - who is such a lovely woman and old buddy of mine whom I never get to see. The following day I did East Coast FM with Declan Meehan then hot footed it home to my boys. I find it hard doing anything else when I am finishing a book - but feel able to write this now because I am a couple of chapters away and at that stage where I kind of don't want it to end so I'm stalling! I'll be back on to let you know what it's about - but in the meantime you can check out my Pinterest page to get a clue. It's called Two Islands (working title) and the link is here.
Will blog again (a better, calmer one) when I emerge from the shed in a week or so. 
The End. (I wish) 

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