Saturday, May 29, 2010

Good Room at the flat lake

This weekend folks - come and join us and JOIN IN! We need priests, and pinnies and party pieces. Don't leave me lonely!

If the door is open pop in for a chat and a cup of cocoa and a knit a few lines of Captain Butty’s Christmas gaensai. If the nets are pulled it means that Kate is in her curlers and you’ll have to come back in the morning.

12am – Angelus followed by Good Room Games. Silent Scrabble with the Child Who Can be Seen and Not Heard, Speed Knitting and Getting The Messages for Mammy. Refreshments available from the lovely ladies of Scone Central.

1pm – Boxty with special guest bestselling author Claudia Carroll - she’s really Nicola from Fair City – and she’s bringing her love rival Niamh with her!

1-2 – Bring Your Girlfriend to Meet My Mother. Good Marriage Material certificates and medals for all successful candidates. Clean under your nails lads – you have been warned!

Lunch: Hang Sangwiches and tea on sale from Scone Central as fundraiser for local Scotshouse community centre parish church.

3-4 – Entertainer extraordinare Little John Nee hosts our party pieces. How fast can you say the Our Father in Irish? Can you speed knit? Dance a jig? Sing a nice song? Or simply wiggle your ears or bend your fingers in an unnatural fashion? No matter how big or small, professionally learned, gifted or just plain infantile-but-very-funny- your party piece is – bring it along to The Good Room and add it to our Good Room YouTube Gift List.

6pm – 7pm Afternoon Tea with Mick McCormack and Anne Enright – well just who knows what these two literary heavyweights might end up talking about! Bukes we hope.

7-8pm – Supper and Bedtime Stories hosted by Kate and The Child Who Can Be Seen and Not Heard.

12 Midday: The Angelus followed by mass and Good Room Games.

2-4pm: Sunday acoustic lunchtime jam with The Poetry Chicks, Maria Doyle Kennedy, Clara Rose, Mundy, Lily Allen, Shane McG – and whoever else is nice enough to get down with the “ordinary” people for a parlor sing-song in exchange for a slice of home-made tart and lots, and lots, and lots and lots of love.

5-6pm Priests Tea Party
Including: Folk Hymns with half-a-Toblerone, Johnny Ferguson.
Competitions: Guess The Saint and Spot The Real Priest PLUS Respectable Slow Dancing – Father Tony gets his ruler out and ladies, this is your chance to get up close and personal as the priests once-and-for-all ascertain the official “safe” dancing distance for a sin-free samba.

6-7pm – Supper Storytime with Kate Kerrigan. Kate will read from her latest novel Ellis Island and you can sit back and knit and chill in silence and stock up on Good Room piety before the last night of the Flat Lake goes mad altogether and you make a holy disgrace of yourself.

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