Sunday, March 14, 2010

Mudders Day

Going to spend Muthers Day completely indulging myself by looking at boutique sites on the web and not buying anything because I won't admit how FAT I am and I don't have any money anyway. THEN hog the black blibber away from my cartoon and shed TV males so I can watch Columbo and Murder She Wrote etc. And waiting for my roast beef dinner ON MY LAP. And re-reading my We Love You Mum cards and feeling, for one day in the year, not taken for granted. Bliss.
here's a gorgeous picture of me and lovely husband looking - if not madly in love - then at least as if we still rather like each other - which is something after ten years of marriage. It's my version of those annoying couples who paw each other in public - or - as my grandmother used to call it - "showing off."

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