Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It is horrific that the Pope appears to have blamed the Irish "problem" on poor training. As a practicing Catholic, I just don't know what to do with myself these days. I want to continue to practice my religion - and for my children to "enjoy" the benefits of ritual and (my a-la-carte- non papist) spiritual code that they get from being in the Church - but I am so ASHAMED of being in any way a part of such an immoral, corrupt organization. I wish some decent members of the clergy would just have the courage to break themselves off entirely. Perhaps those of us still going to mass, at least partly because we are trapped in a school culture of religion, need to really stand up and make a big stand. Ordinary catholic people - and most priests are horrified by all of this. But as they say, it only takes for good men to do nothing for evil to take hold. Someone need to organize a Mass Protest. One Sunday when, instead of going to mass, we all stand outside - catholics, priests, all the people of all the religions - or no religion, - all the people of Ireland stand outside the catholic churches in silence for the shame and sorrow we feel for the victims of clerical abuse. All money donated goes to victim support. not one single penny, from one single church in Ireland goes to Rome that Sunday. That would wake the bastard up - and you can be sure it will be the only thing that will.

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  1. An a-la-carte-non-papist spiritual code is available to you outside of the Catholic Church, I am puzzled as to why you support the church in Ireland given the damage they have done to us. I understand (from another post) that your local priest is a nice man, but this still doesn't gel with the condemnation of the abuse and criticism of the Vatican you offer up here. Why continue to support the church by going each week, by passing along a passive acceptance to your children?

    I do not intend to be offensive or provocative. I am a fan of your fiction and just found your blog. The "coming out" as Catholic took me by surprise.